On this date in history, England and Germany came to blows, Lizzie swung for the fence, Elvis strikes gold and Stevie Wonder takes the wheel, with predictable results.

122 years ago: In 1892, Sunday school teacher LIZZIE BORDEN was arrested in Fall River, Massachusetts, and charged with the hatchet murders of her father and stepmother.  She was later acquitted.

Hulton Archive, Getty Images

100 years ago: In 1914, Britain declared war on Germany . . . while the United States proclaimed its neutrality.  (We stayed neutral during the first three years of World War One, then finally declared war to protect France.)

92 years ago: In 1922, AT&T and the Bell Systems shut down ALL their switchboards in memory of ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL, who had died two days earlier.  All 13 million telephones in the U.S. and Canada went absolutely dead for one minute in his honor.

70 years ago: In 1944, the Gestapo raided the secret annex of a house in Amsterdam where the Frank family had been hiding for two years to avoid extermination by the Nazis during World War Two.  They arrested eight people, including 14-year-old ANNE FRANK. Her diary, kept while in hiding, gained international fame years after her death in a concentration camp in 1945.

58 years ago: In 1956, ELVIS PRESLEY'S "HOUND DOG" was released.

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41 years ago:  In 1973, STEVIE WONDER was injured when the car he was driving (???) hit a lumber truck in Salisbury, North Carolina.  (True.)

40 years ago : In 1974, PAUL SIMON'S "LOVE ME LIKE A ROCK" was released!!!

27 years ago:  In 1987, the soundtrack to "DIRTY DANCING" was released!!!