It is wedding season! No doubt happy couples looking forward to walking down the aisle are busy planning for their special day. As a matter of fact, I received a save the date just the other day and was thrilled to find out where the wedding will take place. It is in a small town that I grew up visiting on the regular and still visit to this day, however I had no clue this beautiful venue even existed there. 

Ever heard of Seminole, TX? Of course, you have. A quaint little small town with a population of less than 10,000. There is 1 old school (meaning small) Walmart, a few really good restaurants, a couple of Dollar Stores, a top-notch highschool, and apparently more recently a hidden gem of a wedding venue!

Who knew? I pass through and actually stop in Seminole quite often to visit family and had no clue.

Farmhouse Texas Weddings is a performance and event venue located at County Road 409-I in Seminole. According to their website, you can call them to schedule a free tour, and Farmhouse Texas Weddings aims to,

create a space and an environment that would allow couples and families to have the very best experience on their wedding day.

They have extremely affordable packages depending on how big or small the bride and groom would like their big day to be, plus according to their Facebook page, Farmhouse Texas Weddings is getting a facelift.

Visit their website to view a photo gallery, browse the various rental packages, read through several reviews and let them help you make your wedding day the best ever!

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