A new mom on Reddit revealed her sister-in-law blasted her as a "hippy freak" who is "setting her daughter up for a hard life" because she gave her daughter a unique name: Aura.

"My sister-in-law and I gave birth to daughters around the same time. My daughter was born in early June, hers was born in mid-June. Her daughter marks her fifth child, our daughter marks mine and my husband's first child," the new mom wrote via Reddit.

"A day after my daughter was born my husband posted the announcement on his social media and then my sister-in-law commented asking what her 'actual' name was, even though the name [Aura] was mentioned in the post," she added.

The woman noted that after her sister-in-law gave birth, she posted a similar announcement, going as far as to take a dig at Aura's name by writing she takes pride in giving her children "real people names."

"For context, our daughter is called Aura and her kids are Edward, Martha, Dorothy, Lawrence and Susan. The other day we were at my husband's parent's house for a BBQ and she went all in on saying how our daughter's name is a 'hippy freak name' and how we passed up the chance to give her a legitimate, actual name. She said we could have used one of her kids' names since we were struggling so bad, clearly," the frustrated new mom continued.

The woman told her family she and her husband are "happy" with their daughter's name, but that hasn't stopped her sister-in-law from criticizing it.

"My husband told her we were very happy with our daughter's name and we were happy she was happy with the names of her children and we should all just be happy and move on. She told me that I was setting my daughter up for a hard life. How her name is going to label her forever. All kinds of stuff. She also went on about how traditional names were so handsome and beautiful, and could carry a child throughout the rest of their life. She followed up by accusing me of not caring about my daughter," the mom shared.

The woman added she told her sister-in-law that she could "keep her grandma names and I would keep my hippy freak names and the conversation was over because I did not care to hear about it anymore." Of course, the sister-in-law then "followed up with how dare I [call them] grandma names like there was something wrong with them."

In the comments, users rallied behind the new mom, letting her know she has the right to name her daughter whatever she wants.

"She's quite judgmental and her persistent comment leads me to think she wanted you to rename your daughter. And Aura is a beautiful name!" one person wrote.

"Your daughter has a very pretty name, and it is quite different from the norm. Don't worry about what your sister-in-law thinks. You did nothing wrong," another weighed in.

"Aura's not even that out there. It's not like you called her Moonbeam or something," someone else commented.

"Aura is a beautiful name, those others are old-fashioned. Your sister-in-law needs to mind her own business, people always want to inflict their opinions on others. That is an opinion, she is entitled to it, end of conversation," another user wrote.

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