During a press conference at the Venice Film Festival, Ana de Armas told reporters that she felt the ghostly presence of famed actress Marilyn Monroe while filming upcoming Netflix film Blonde.

"I truly believe that she was very close to us. She was with us," de Armas said.

She said that Monroe consumed her thoughts during filming: "She was all I thought about. She was all I dreamed about. She was all I could talk about."

De Armas also called the experience "beautiful" and went on to say that she even felt the presence of Monroe "throw things off the wall" when she didn't like something, but ultimately that she thinks "she was happy."

"This is true. These things happened," she confirmed, while the film's director Andrew Dominik agreed, saying, “It definitely took on elements of being like a seance.”

The film has been buzzed about since it began, with many wondering what a new take on Monroe's life would look like after previous biopics.

Blonde is a fictionalized version of a Monroe biopic, based on the novel of the same title by Joyce Carol Oates.

De Armas stars as Monroe, with Adrien Brody as Monroe's third husband, Arthur Miller, and the film had some spooky energy from the beginning. They started filming on August 4, the same day Monroe passed away of an overdose in 1962.

Plus, they filmed scenes in Monroe's real life apartment, which she lived in with her mentally ill mother, and they even shot her death scene in the same room she passed away in.

"Being in the same places that she was... filming in her house... it was a very strong sensation. It was something in the air," de Armas said.

But it seems like the cast and crew weren't too spooked by the mystical occurrences, with de Armas saying, "I think she was approving of what we were doing."

It took de Armas nine months to prepare for the role, including undergoing voice and accent training to perfect the signature breathy Monroe voice.

De Armas' Knives Out costar Jamie Lee Curtis previously said that she "was completely gone," and "she was Marilyn," after seeing a sneak peek of the movie.

It seems to be an accurate assessment, since at the Venice Film Festival, Blonde got a 14-minute standing ovation.

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