Sibling squabbles are a rite of passage, but one adorable 4-year-old's dramatic tantrum is making TikTok belly laugh.

In the viral video, Piper Bates notices her 6-year-old sister Winnie has lost her two front teeth.

She doesn't take the news well.

Piper sobs and tries to explain to her mom, Dani, why she can no longer be twins with her sister. (No, the girls are not actually twins.)

"It makes me sad that I'm never gonna be twins with Winnie again," Piper cries.

"Why do you think you aren't going to be twins?" her mom asks off camera.

"Because she is losing teeth faster than me. Because she comed [sic] out of your vagina first!" Piper continues.

Watch below:

Piper's correct use of anatomy caught viewers' attention, with many leaving comments commending Dani's parenting style.

"GREAT use of correct anatomy terminology!!!! A+ parenting!" one person commented on the clip.

"The biological accuracy though," another wrote.

"Piper loves to copy her big sister and do anything her big sister does. They're very close. They're closer than the average sisters. They love wearing matching outfits," Dani told The Mirror about the girls' relationship, adding she decided to start filming because "her face is so cute when she cries."

"She talked about Winnie coming out of mom's vagina first, so I tried to validate her by saying that that's the correct terminology while being in tears from laughing," the mom continued. "I teach them the correct terminology for their body parts. It makes really awkward situations when she says something about a vulva or a penis, and I have to tell her to wait until we get home."

And while Piper doesn't know about the "birds and the bees," she does know "where she comes from."

According to The Mirror, Winnie is Piper's best friend, and often rushes to her side to comfort her more "emotional" baby sister.

"Winnie couldn't stop laughing. She thought it was so cute, and she's so good at comforting her little sister," Dani shared, explaining she "wanted to take a video to remember it so one day I can look back and say, 'Oh my God, remember when you were 4, and you were crying like this.'"

After posting the clip online, Dani was floored by its reception.

"Everyone loved it. It was the most positive reaction. People said I did a good job comforting her, validating her feeling, and teaching her the correct terminology, and people couldn't stop laughing at how cute she was," she said.

Dani also revealed her "girl gang" is closer than ever after losing her husband in 2019.

"We've become very close through trauma and have bonded as a little girl gang," she shared, adding, "Most four-year-olds are dramatic, but she has the extra ability to feel things very strongly."

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