The baseball stadium at the Scharbauer Sports Complex has had many names, but now the football/soccer stadium is getting a new name.

The Midland Reporter-Telegram is reporting that Grande Communications Stadium is changing its name to Astound Broadband powered by Grande Stadium.

So it is a bit different from the old name but at least Grande is still in there so it will not be a huge change.

A statement from Astound Broadband said this, “Grande stadium is one of our most proud and prominent partnerships. For this reason, we did contact the city early last year to let them know and we have since been working with a local contractor on the construction of the new stadium signage. The plan is for Grande Communication Stadium to become Astound Broadband Stadium, but the timing is likely a few months out. As we get closer, we plan to work with the stadium, city, and other local officials to make it a great relaunch of a wonderful and continued sponsorship."

This is only the second name for the football stadium but the baseball stadium has had 4 names: First American Bank Ballpark, Citibank Ballpark, Security Bank Ballpark, and currently Momentum Bank Ballpark.

So the football/soccer stadium will be getting a new name when you go to a soccer game this summer or a football game this coming fall and new signage should be going up on the stadium soon.

Get used to saying Astound Broadband Stadium, which will be the shortened name we will all call it.


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