TxDOT has an online survey that they want the residents of Odessa to complete regarding the future of Loop 338.

CBS 7 reports that the goal of the study is to discuss improvements that are needed on Loop 338 and with the study to identify what improvements to prioritize.

The study is broken up into segments including comments left by participants from the first study, conceptual ideas addressing the needs for Loop 338, which sections would be supported to become a freeway with frontage roads, ramps, and bridges, and a page for personal information that will not be sold to telemarketers but be used by TxDOT for research on the study.

The study is very important to assess the priorities the community puts on each section of the loop and which are more important than others.

The future of Loop 338 is going to be decided by the input that residents share with TxDOT and construction dates will not be known until the completion of the survey and identify the funding needed and where it will come from for the various projects in regards to the loop.

The survey is worded in both Spanish and English to make sure every citizen can make their suggestions heard.

To fill out the survey online, just go to the TxDOT website.

If you have any questions or concerns about the proposed project on the loop or about the interactive survey, you can contact Gabriel Ramirez by e-mail at Gabriel.Ramirez@txdot.gov or by calling the TxDOT Odessa District at 432-498-4645.

The survey is available through Monday, January 24, 2022.

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