Wow, it is crazy that since the pandemic, we have gotten used to the fact that there are shortages on various grocery items. We went through the toilet paper shortage, Lysol, disinfectant wipe, canned good and more recently for me, a regular OG Fritos shortage. (I've seen them slowly make their way back on the shelves by the way).

I've come to realize that the new norm is having to hit up more than one grocery store to grocery shop. I know I'm not the only one! The other day I had my list ready to go, pretty basic, nothing fancy.

There were no eggs where I went. Alright no big deal. Until I got to the bread aisle. Nothing. It was then that I started to notice the pattern. Same store, no pancake mix, soda aisle bare.

So needless to say, I had to hit up another store. Which is not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but I'm not always down for a scavenger hunt. lol

I asked a friend who works at a local grocery store, (not either of the ones I went to) and he said there are several contributing factors to empty shelves on some items in store.

  • COVID, sickness, illness-just like so many of us, drivers, workers, stockers are sick
  • not enough employees-this seems to be the issue everywhere, no one wants to work anymore
  • bad weather in certain parts of the country-dellvery trucks are trying to safely get the goods out but obviously are being cautious on the bad roads

Just know that yes there are shortages but it is taking place all over the country unfortunately. What are you having a hard time finding in stores right now?

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