Several different people have told me about the self-checkout getting a bit out of hand at Walmart. Including Leo who said the Walmart in Midland was all self-check, like no one there to ring up your items. I thought yeah he's exaggerating a bit. (I never go to Midland Walmart so I wouldn't know tbh) But this past weekend I was out of town and hit up a Walmart. OMG.

Let me preface this by saying, I HATE, despise self-checkout lanes. I cannot use strong enough words for how much I dislike the process and with good reason. They never work for me. If you want to get in and get out with your purchases and you think self-checkout is the way to go, DO NOT get behind me. I will jack stuff up and have to wait an eternity for someone to come help me. Every.dang.time.

So, back to my out of town Walmart story. I took my things to the front of the store to checkout and there were THREE regular checkout lanes available with lines a mile long in each. The rest, as everyone had been telling me, were self-check. Un-be-lievable!

So I had to investigate what the heck is going on? And according to

the plan is to go fully self-checkout and/or “Scan & Go” by the end of 2021.

Obviously this will help save money on having to pay employees to stand behind the registers and check people out, instead you will continue to see the person you typically see standing near the check-out lanes to 'help' should any problems arise.

I don't like this. Not one bit. What are your thoughts? Do you mind checking your own items, do you feel this is a speedier, more efficient process?

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