I am on a roll today! Giving you tips on what not to do in certain situations. How not to get your iPhone stolen and now what not to do at the grocery store. FYI, yes I am speaking from experience. I did both of these things recently and learned a couple of hard lessons in the process. 

I truly need to learn that there are some crazy, desperate people in this world who will stop at nothing to get their hands on things that do not belong to them. Geez!

So I'm at the store the other day, in the self-checkout scanning my items, minding my business, trying to hurry and get out of there. Not a fan of grocery shopping tbh.

All of a sudden an employee of the store walked up to me and says, 'don't ever do this.' I turned around to see her pointing at my purse that I had left in the child seat of the shopping cart. She informed me that while I left my purse unattended, with my back to the cart, checking out my items, someone can easily cruise by and snatch my purse. OMG I never thought of that!

She went on to explain that either I keep my purse on my person or buckle it in the child seat safety belt so at least a thief would have a harder time taking off with my bolsa. Thank you to that sweet lady for bringing this to my attention. But it also made me think of something that I do quite frequently at stores. (what is wrong with me?)

If I am at a store that has shopping carts, I have a BAD habit of leaving my cart unattended with my purse in it. I will literally walk halfway down the aisle to grab an item I forgot and leave it there for someone to grab. Me to me: stop! Seriously, let this be a lesson to us all, ladies. No matter what, do not leave your purse just out there for anyone to grab because they will, in a heartbeat, before you even figure out what happened!

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