After what seems like an entire Spring filled with temperatures above the 3-digit mark, setting and/or tying records for high temps-the Permian Basin is finally in for some relief this weekend. Today's high will be 101 for Friday, so we do have one more day to get thru to get to the relief-but it's within reach! The high temperature on Saturday is 89 so that is the pool day this weekend. Just remember to put the sunscreen on because even though it's not in the 100s, those rays will still bake you. Then a cloudy 66 on Sunday! That will be the day to take the dog for a walk and enjoy not getting baked in the West Texas sun. That will give air conditioning units a bit of a break as we can open windows and turn fans on Sunday instead of running the ac.

There will be things happening you can go and enjoy as well with the nicer temperatures in our area. For instance, on Saturday there's the Downtown Midland Farmer's Market. It's held every Saturday at 1705 W. Missouri Ave on the lawn of the Museum Of The Southwest. So many vendors selling everything from veggies and fruit to craft items and decor for the house, as well as sweets like pastries, donuts, coffee, and kettle korn. All easier to enjoy when it's not so hot out. Bring your dog down on a leash and take a walk thru the aisles of vendors. Whatever your plans-enjoy the cooler weekend. Temps remain in the 80s all next week til next Friday, when we start the jump up again with a high of 95.

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