Kids do the darndest things! One woman found out the hard way that she forgot to lock her phone while her toddler was playing with it.

Texas mom Kelsey Burkhalter Golden was shocked when her 2-year-old son took her phone and ordered a jaw-dropping 31 cheeseburgers from a local McDonald’s via DoorDash.

Golden took to Facebook explaining that she had “31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested,” after her son, Barrett, placed the order.

“Apparently my 2 yr old knows how to order DoorDash,” she added.

She also shared an adorable photo of Barrett sitting on a table enjoying a cheeseburger next to a mountain of other McDonald’s cheeseburgers next to him.

Users commented on the snafu. “No fries??? I need to have a chat with him. Always order fries!!!,” one person joked, while another commented their child did a similar thing: “When Conner was just slightly older he ordered the entire NBA league pass. That was about 70 games. Kids are too smart when it comes to technology. Lol.”

The toddler ordered $61.58 worth of cheeseburgers, and he even added a $16 tip. With app fees, the grand total was $91.70.

Golden told local news station KRIS she was using her computer when Barrett took the phone. She assumed he was just playing around with the camera.

“He usually likes to take pictures of himself, and so he was doing that. I thought I’d locked the phone but apparently, I didn’t, because then DoorDash came with 31 cheeseburgers,” she explained.

After being stuck with 31 cheeseburgers, she noted she needed to find something to do with the goodies.

“I didn’t know what to do with them, he only ate half of one, so I posted on a community page on Facebook here in Kingsville and asked if anybody wanted some,” she added.

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