Every Wednesday we feature a different pet that needs a new forever home here in the Basin from Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals. Sometimes it's a dog, sometimes it's a cat. They haven't had any guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, or snakes---yet. But you never know!

Meet Rosemary!


Also known as Rosie, Rose, and Nosey Rosie! Looking at her now she is a happy, well-nourished, and active dog! This wasn’t always the case. Rosemary was found shoved in a medium-sized wire crate along with another medium-sized dog and two large breed puppies! How they all fit in there was a mystery but they sure were happy to get out! It wasn’t long before staff discovered Rosemary and the other medium-sized dog were both pregnant! Rosemary became anemic during her pregnancy and had to be given iron supplements. After her puppies were born, Rosemary began to lose a lot of weight and just wanted to lay around and sit on the staff’s laps.

It was a long road but her puppies are weaned and Rosemary has gained weight and her energy came back tenfold! Now Rosemary loves to run and play with the dogs in her play group! She loves her kiddie pool and no matter how much she runs, Rosemary has the energy to spare! She would be a great dog for someone who is experienced with a working dog breed! Although she is the sweetest girl, she can be a little nippy as her natural instinct is to herd. Rosemary must have a fenced-in yard! No apartments or RVs. She loves other dogs but might not be the best fit for a house with a cat. If you are looking for a sweet happy girl who will get you off the couch, come meet Rosemary!

Once home, remember the rule of three: three days to decompress, three weeks to get used to your routine and home, and three months to feel completely at home.

Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals is located at 4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland. And if for some reason you're not looking for a pet right now--please click SHARE and post this to your social media so we can help this fur baby find a forever home. Or perhaps you're looking for a different new furry friend. There are so many fur babies who would love to meet you so stop by and pay them a visit! There are plenty of dogs and cats to choose from who would love to be your next family member.

The Lone Star Sanctuary For Animals can always use supplies as well so if you can, stop by and drop off a donation to help the staff care for the shelter animals till they can find their forever homes. Needed right now:

Cleaning supplies

Puppy Pee Pads


Unopened / New Dog and Cat Food

Cat Litter

Items can be dropped off at the office at 4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland during business hours. Thank You!

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