Many restaurants are known for a specific unique item, for example, the Big Texan is known for its 72 oz steak and if you eat your entire plate in an hour, it's free. Another example is Texas Roadhouse, everyone goes for the rolls. And then there is Red Lobster, known for their cheddar bay biscuits. A few months ago I told you about the peanut butter and jelly brisket sandwich at Tall City Meat Market, which I know many of you tried and loved. Tall City Meat has done it again with one crazy unique menu item, the two-pound burrito.


What makes up this delicious two-pound burrito? Let me tell you: smoked brisket, smoked ribeye, hot Cheetos, queso fresco, pico de gallo, their homemade green sauce, and house-made queso lime juice.


This monstrosity is only available on Tuesdays as well as prime ribeye or brisket tacos, is Taco Tuesday however. Don't tell anyone I told you about a secret menu item, but you also order brisket nachos that are amazing. So if you order them, don't tell anyone I told you about them. LOL

Tall City Meat Market offers something special every day.

Monday, Burger Day

You can choose between Wagyu brisket bacon cheddar or prime Angus Waygu patties serviced with backed potato salad and coleslaw.


Tuesday, Tacos and the 2lb Burrito

Taco plates come with brisket or ribeye tacos served with rice and beans


Wednesday, BBQ Plates,

Wednesday you can choose from brisket, ribs, sausage, or turnkey served coleslaw and potato salad.


Thursday, Pork Chop Day

Enjoy Prime Tomahawk Pork Chops or Smoked Sausage and sides


Friday, Baked Potato Day

Enjoy a fully loaded Prime Rib or Brisket Baked Potato.


Saturday, Sandwiches

You can enjoy a chopped brisket sandwich, which probably has to be my favorite.



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