I'm not a fan of the dark, scary movies or anything I hear is haunted. I have heard stories of friends and family who believe their home or workplace is haunted based on things they hear, feel or see. If a family moves into a home and crazy things start happening that is one thing. But to knowingly, willingly bring haunted items into your home because you want them there, you enjoy being surrounded by 'extremely haunted' items yeah that is a big no from me! 

However, there is a woman in San Antonio, TX who does just that. Her name is Roxy and Roxy was interviewed a couple of years ago by KSAT, San Antonio and says that she has no problem with it. She says that she proudly has,

a room full of various objects from around the world that have spirits attached to them. Including a pair of dolls from an asylum which are her favorite, that she claims call out to each other at night.

This private home is not open to the public, so you cannot go visit to try to experience any type of paranormal activity, Roxy simply shares her story to give us a glimpse of 'one of the most haunted places in San Antonio.'

Roxy has spent a very long time and no doubt a lot of money collecting these items from around the world for her personal use and to display in her home. I don't think I could do that but it is a pretty cool concept.

Find out what a paranormal investigator discovers when photos are taken at night of the home and what he captures on his 'spirit box' when trying to contact spirits:

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