When I heard that MISD was the first to get back to school this year I was truly scratching my head? Why? Why are they going back literally the 2nd day of August? I don't live in Midland, so I asked someone more familiar with the situation to explain and now I get it. Midland ISD has implemented what they call 'intersessions' this calendar school year. 

This is when the intersession will take place and exactly what it is for according to the MISD website:

Our first intersession will take place October 18-21. Its purpose is for campuses to provide opportunities to support student learning and academic growth.

Tbh, we do something similar where my kids attend school, for students in upper grade levels. However, ours is only one day out of each month and it is called 'incentive day.'

Basically if a student is not 'behind' in any of their courses, they get a free day. However, if that person is needing any extra help in any of their classes, they must attend the classes in which they need further instruction and catch up if you will. As a parent, I like this.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for some extra help from time to time. I wish we would have had this when I was in school, I would have taken the opportunity to better understand the courses in which I struggled.

According to Newswest, the first intersession for MISD will run from Oct. 18 to Oct. 21. Students attending will have Friday, Oct. 22 off.

Mr. Charlie Garcia, associate superintendent of MISD, states that,

.The sole purpose behind this is to accelerate the learning of our students, especially in the areas that they fell a little bit behind due to the pandemic and due to the loss of learning that we’ve had the last few years.'

Students who are not required not attend the intersessions will be allowed to stay home. For more information about the MISD intersessions planned for the 2021-2022 school year visit the MISD website.

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