Recently Texas Governor Greg Abbott visited Killeen-Temple to speak about a proposed school choice bill during the Parent Empowerment Night event at Central Texas Christian School. Temple ISD Superintendent Dr. Bobby Ott commented on what "School Choice" really means.

In a recent interview with KCEN-TV, "I think a lot of parents are walking around believing a false narrative that they truly do have a choice," Ott said. "The choice resides in the selective admissions process of the private school."

You might recall in the Governors State of the State Address, Governor Abbott proposed plans for state money being allotted to parents with the intention of their kids being able to attend schools outside of the state's public education system. The state would set up an education savings accounts, which would work like other state's school voucher programs. The idea is for parents to have more say in what is being taught their children, and that say would be enhanced by picking where their students attended school.

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Will parents really be able to pick their children's school?

According to Dr. Ott, not really. Yes, you would be able to spend the money on where you would like your student attends, but there's no guarantee your student will be admitted to the school of your choice.

He also cautions, "If we're competing with entities and using tax dollars, to subsidize entities that can pick and choose, well, then eventually you're going to set up a mass societal divide. If we divide our children that way, then we will divide our future."

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