For those who are new to Midland, you might be wondering what used to be at the intersection of Midkiff and Andrews Hwy since they are building a new Murphy USA gas station.

Well living in Midland all my life I can give you the answer to that, the northeast corner that now houses a shopping center with Noodle House, Familia Dental, and AutoZone used to be a Safeway grocery store back in the 70's when I was young.

The old building that used to house the Safeway was demolished to clear the way for the shopping center and the old building that housed the Safeway was many things after Safeway left Midland back in the early 80's even one time being a gym.

Now to the southeast corner of Midkiff and Andrews Hwy where there is currently another small shopping center with Doll Chiropractic and a cash store with an oil change place behind it.

Back in the day where the shopping center is used to be a Gulf service station in the 70's when I was a kid, also the oil change place used to be a Sambo's Restaurant and then in the 80's the Sambo's was demolished for them to build a Grandy's, then in the 2000's the Grandy's was demolished to build the oil change place.

The Northwest corner has always been an apartment complex since the 50's which used to be called the Chateau, but just recently changed its name to The Midkiff.

The southwest corner where the Murphy USA is being built used to be a Friend's Convenience Store back in the 80's and was a service station (a Chevron station I believe) they demolished the Paleteria which used to be a dry cleaners back in the day, and they also demolished the BYOB Water Store which was originally built as a Dairy Queen Brazier restaurant, and demolished the old Friend's Convenience Store to build the new Murphy USA.

There is a brief history of Midland for you, I will give you more history in upcoming articles.

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