A Midland pet resort put animals in danger after the GM was fired and the other employees walked out.

According to NewsWest 9, Stefen Stone has always brought his dogs Lucy and Dingo to Paws and Play Pet Resort in Midland.

"We've always trusted them. They've always taken very good care of our dogs, very nice place to take them to. They'll even bathe them and before you pick them up and do things like that, which we've always appreciated. Might pay them a little extra for it," said Stone.

This past Wednesday they dropped off their dogs, like they had done many times before thinking they were in good hands, until they got a call from the now former GM on Friday morning.

"She said that her husband had been fired on Monday, she had been fired the day before, the rest of the employees at Paws and Play walked offsite," said Stone.

The former GM also told Stone that the next crew of people brought in walked out as well leaving no one to care for the animals.

"I guess the owners got together a small crew to try to take care of the diabetic dogs and the dogs that need medical attention and she says that those people walked offsite," said Stone.

The former GM brought Stone's diabetic dog Lucy to her vet.

"The scary thing is that when she got my dog Lucy to the vet, her blood sugar had spiked, over 500 and that's scary for a 13-year-old dog that's blind and showing signs that she's maybe has a little bit of dementia," said Stone.

The owners claim that they are adequately staffed and no animals were left unattended.

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