Volunteers are scarce, so Midland Health is closing down one of the vaccination sites so they can better staff the main vaccination site.

According to NewsWest 9, the vaccination site that will be closing down is the one located at Golf Course Road Church of Christ.

The Horseshoe Arena will be the only vaccination site in Midland once again after March 5, 2021 due to lack of volunteers making the job of get shots in arms a lot more difficult.

"The biggest reason for that change is because of the loss of the Team Rubicon folks. We have depended on them a great deal for logistical support and as they leave will replace them with local volunteers. But we are unlikely to have the same number of consistency or skill levels that they brought," said Midland Health CEO Russell Meyers.

Midland Health still needs volunteers for the Horseshoe Arena to help vaccinate people but having two locations was making it to where Midland Health needed twice the number of volunteers and it was proving to be a big challenge.

I have my first vaccine scheduled for tomorrow at the Golf Course Road Church of Christ before they close that location down on Friday.

My second shot will be at the Horseshoe Arena exactly 3 weeks from tomorrow.

If you would like to be a volunteer for the vaccination site, you can do so by going to the volunteer page on the Midland Health website.

Volunteer today and help get this virus in check so once the state opens up fully next week, we can all feel like we can get back to normal again.

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