Greg Abbott was in Lubbock yesterday to make his announcement of lifting the mask mandate and allowing all businesses to open at 100%.

According to NewsWest 9, Gov. Abbott was in Lubbock at the Chamber of Commerce to announce that Texas will reopen all businesses at 100%.

With numbers for COVID-19 on the decline and hospitalizations down, the governor felt this was the time for Texas to be fully open once again almost on the anniversary of the state being completely shut down one year ago.

Gov. Abbott said he will issue and executive order to rescind the mandates at the beginning of the pandemic.

"So today I am issuing a new executive order that rescinds most of the early executive orders effective next Wednesday. All businesses of any type are allowed to open 100%," Abbott said.

The mask mandate will be officially lifted next Wednesday (March 10, 2021).

March 16, 2020 was the date that Texas shut down last year and went to curbside delivery and dining rooms being closed down completely.

One year later we now have three vaccines available and hospitalizations are down so the governor believes we have the resources to open back up fully.

"Most importantly, now in Texas and across the country we now have vaccines. Vaccines to protect Texans from COVID. More than 5.7 million vaccine shots have already been given to Texans," Abbott said.

The governor did say that every Texan is responsible to continue practices that keep the virus from spreading.

"Removing state mandates does not end personal responsibility or the importance of caring for your family members and caring for your friends and caring for others in your community. Personal vigilance to follow the safe standards is still needed to contain COVID," Abbott said.

Personally I will continue to wear a mask in public places because I feel better about doing it to keep myself and others safe.

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