For those still trying to decide about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Midland County Commissioners are looking at implementing incentives to help the decision become easier.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Commissioner Randy Prude says he is putting together a presentation about incentives and how they help with the public getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We need something. Our hospital administrators and doctors have begged. You can see it on their faces, they’re pleading with people to get the shot,” said Prude.

Currently Midland County is sitting at 41% of residents fully vaccinated and Midland Health reported 86% of the 125 people in the hospital right now are unvaccinated, and those people are having the worst issues, where the ones that are vaccinated are just having mild symptoms.

Prude is looking at the county implementing something similar to Harris County who are offering $100 cash cards for getting the vaccine.

Prude said the goal is to vaccinate more residents that are still on the fence about getting the vaccine.

Prude said the county has the funds to pay 30,000 residents $100 each stating that getting the COVID-19 crisis under control is the main goal.

The funds for that would come out of the $34.3 million received from the American Rescue Plan Act as well as looking into local businesses to offer gift cards as well.

Those who are already vaccinated would not be eligible for the gift cards right now but commissioners said that is something they would consider in the near future.

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