Now that our troops have left Afghanistan, there are still thousands of Afghan people who helped out our troops still there, and one veteran in Andrews is helping get those that helped us out of harm's way.

According to CBS 7, Jarrod Garcia is fast at work trying to get our allies asking for help out of the country now that it is under Taliban control.

“Our interpreters started contacting us saying, ‘Hey, we don’t know how to get out. We don’t know what to do,’” said Garcia.

Garcia is a veteran as well as a former State Department contractor who researched and found out the evacuation had hit some snags.

“We really took it upon ourselves to see what avenues we could move forward with to get our interpreters out,” said Garcia.

So from his home in Andrews, he has become a part of a team working to help people who helped him and other American soldiers out during the 20 year conflict.

The team is being called the "Digital Dunkirk," named after the British evacuation in World War II.

The team is a menagerie of people from all over our country, Canada, and England.

They use digital means such as social media platforms to communicate and find hiding spots for families while also trying to stay one step ahead of the Taliban.

Garcia says he has helped about 30 people get to safety and he will continue to do what he can until everybody who wants out of Afghanistan is out.

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