Midland Community Theatre's 2020 schedule was cut short because of COVID-19, but this year the curtain is scheduled to be raised but with safety measures in place.

According to NewsWest 9, safety measures will be socially distanced seating which means the three shows that Midland Community Theatre has on the schedule this year will all be in the larger Davis Theater 1.

Along with socially distanced seating, Midland Community Theatre will require masks inside the theater.

Summer Mummers will be back but also with safety measures in place.

"The plan, for this year, is to go back to a live production of Summer Mummers.  The biggest difference is we'll be selling tickets in a very different way, very similar to way we're selling them at MCT, small pods," said Tim Jebsen, Executive Director for Midland Community Theatre. "You'll be able to purchase an entire table, then you select who sits with you. But, the table to your left and the table to your right will be empty."

That will require the Yucca Theatre to only operate at 50% capacity which will cut the usual audience that has attended Summer Mummers to be cut in half this season, but Midland Community Theatre is hoping to be able to do the regular number of performances this summer.

I will be glad to see Summer Mummers get back to live performances, even though the online performances were good last year, the real joy of Summer Mummers, as a member of the audience, is to get to participate in the performance and of course the traditional throwing of popcorn to the villain and of course the people around you.

For all the information on the upcoming season, go to the MCT website.

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