Paramount Plus will soon join the streaming service race alongside Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, among others. But what will Paramount Plus offer its customers? And is it worth it to download yet another streaming service?

Below, find out everything we know about Paramount Plus, including its price and what sort of content will be available on the platform.

How Much Does Paramount Plus Cost?

Paramount Plus offers two different subscription tier options: an ad-supported version featuring the majority of the streaming library will be available for $4.99 a month, as well as a premium tier including the entire catalog along with live sports and news for $9.99 a month.

Subscribers will get access to Paramount films, original series, television shows, live sports, news and television.

What TV Shows Are on Paramount Plus?

When the streaming platform launches, over 30,000 television episodes will be available. Over 1,000 live sporting events from CBS Sports will also be made available for subscribers.

Television shows from Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Comedy Central and the Smithsonian Channel, along with original content, will be available to stream on Paramount Plus.

When Does the Rugrats Reboot Come Out?

Original voice actors will reprise their roles for a new computer-animated Rugrats reboot series on the platform. Fans are divided after a recent teaser trailer revealed the new animation style, which is much different to the original Nickelodeon show, though the characters largely retain their iconic outfits.

Rugrats isn't the only Nickelodeon show gaining new life on the streaming service. The Fairly OddParents will also receive a live-action reboot. Meanwhile, filming for the iCarly revival has been underway for months. The cast recently shared the first photo from the set of the show on social media.

Other revivals and reboots are in the works as well: Fan-favorite '90s series Frasier, starring Kelsey Grammer, will be revived seventeen years after the show first ended. In addition, reports suggest that a Criminal Minds revival is in early stages of development. The show spent fifteen seasons on CBS before it concluded in 2020.

MTV will revive the series Behind the Music, Yo! MTV Raps, The Real World Reunion and Unplugged.

What Movies Are on Paramount Plus?

When the streaming service debuts, over 2,500 movies will be available to stream on Paramount Plus. Popular films from Paramount Pictures, MGM and Sony Pictures, among others, will be included in the massive catalog.

A Quiet Place II, Mission Impossible 7 and James Bond: No Time to Die will also be available to watch after it releases in theaters.

When Does Paramount Plus Launch?

Paramount Plus will launch in the United States on March 4.

Customers can pre-purchase a Paramount Plus subscription on the Paramount Plus website. Those who already subscribe to CBS All Access will automatically be transferred to the Paramount Plus plan and app as the streaming service will replace CBS All Access.

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