Midland did not lose water during the winter storm last week because the Midland Freshwater District was prepared for the winter storm.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, there were water main breaks and leaks as a result of the winter storm, but the Midland County Freshwater Supply District was able to deliver over 18 million gallons of water.

The facility provides an average of 3-5 million gallons a day during the winter and they began winterizing the equipment back in 2019.

They also purchased heaters and reopened offline wells a few days before the storm hit and kept rotating wells to prevent freezing.

“We try to identify our major issues or concerns or weaknesses that could happen. We look for those on a daily basis,” said Kyle Krueger, Manager of the T-Bar Ranch Water Field in Winkler County that connects water to the city of Midland through a 67-mile pipeline.

Krueger also said the winterizing and providing water to Midland is what kept the city from having to declare a boil water notice like many other places across Texas.

“We’re always on standby and ready to go,” Krueger said. “We have to prepare to do this at any point in time. That planning along with the team who runs the Midland County Freshwater Supply District was really the reason the city of Midland did not need to issue boil water notices."

Being prepared for unusual weather situations is what helps to prevent a disaster from becoming even worse, so thank you to the Midland County Freshwater Supply District and the T-Bar Ranch Water Field for helping prevent a total disaster.

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