A Midland church has banded its congregation together to help out the people of Ukraine by packaging more than a quarter-million meals.

According to NewsWest 9, Golf Course Road Church of Christ, a.k.a. GCR, had over 800 volunteers to package up 280,000 meals to feed the refugees that have fled from the war in Ukraine.

"Right now [volunteers] are packing dehydrated meals that we are going to load up into a semi-truck later today and it will be shipped over to the borders of Ukraine to feed [refugees]," said Ryan Rampton, Connection Leader for GCR.

Volunteers packaged the meals in a conveyor belt type action to make sure the meals are balanced.

"One of the bags of food that we're packing, in it, is rice soy flour, which is a great source of protein, a scoop of dehydrated vegetables, and then a vitamin blend, and all you do is in some cups of water you boil this and it kind of comes out like chicken noodle soup or something, it tastes really good and it's very nutritious," said Rampton.

Some of the volunteers that were packing food have family in Ukraine.

"We had a family last night that had adopted Ukrainian children and one of their kids is actually in Ukraine right now in the army," said Rampton.

The volunteers are appreciating their freedom by using their free time to make these meals to go to people who are having their freedoms taken away.

"It's just very humbling to know how blessed we are." said volunteer, Brittany Pando.

This is what we do in West Texas though, help out those in need when we are blessed.

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