Graduation is coming up soon and even though it has been almost 40 years since I graduated, I do have three items of advice for this year's seniors that I did or wish I had done post-high school.

  • Go To College Especially if You Have a Scholarship - I did go to college for a couple of semesters on my scholarship but after learning all I had learned in two years of high school in two weeks, I found myself failing classes I thought I had a grip on but soon figured out I did not. I also had gone to school for 12 years and was wanting to not have to worry about classes, instructors, homework, and all the other stuff I hated about school, but it is worth it, even if you just get a basics degree, that will help you in the job market.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Work a Job You Know You Will Hate - My first job out of high school was my first job ever, I was not good at school to begin with so having a job while in high school I knew would be bad for me. But my first job out of school was sacking groceries at Skaggs Alpha Beta (it is now Market Street in Midland on Midkiff), it wasn't the job I wanted but it was a good first job and I quickly moved up to cashier and didn't have to sack groceries anymore.
  • Have Fun and Meet New People - For the most part, you will still be friends with the best friends you had in school and they will be lifelong friends. But your circle of friends will expand post-high school and that is OK. I was scared I might lose my friends from high school if I met new friends but that is not so. Your best friends will be friends or acquaintances for the rest of your life so do not be scared to meet new friends and expand your circle of friends.

There is some advice for those of you that are graduating high school.


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