May is Mental Health Awareness Month which is perfect for another round of shootings that have happened in America. Meditation will help relieve the stress of things we are all feeling.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, stress is normal after the shootings we saw in Buffalo on May 14 and now the school shooting in Uvalde yesterday, just 10 days later.

The first move toward good stress management is understanding how it affects you. Look at your reaction to stress then figure out a way to use stress management techniques to make sure that stress will not create health problems.

Relaxation techniques are the best way to manage stress, and focusing your attention on something calming will help you deal with the stress you are feeling.

Meditation is considered a type of mind and body technique to help you relieve the stress you are feeling. If you are spiritual or religious then prayer is a good way to relieve the stress and connect to what you consider to be your higher power.

Other forms of meditation are getting in a quiet setting, getting comfortable, focusing your attention, and opening your mind. Just a few minutes of meditation can calm you down and give you a sense of peace and balance.

This will benefit your emotional well-being and overall health to help you through another tragic moment that we are all dealing with in our country following yet another senseless school shooting.

Take time to turn off your devices and just put your mind in a place where you can feel a sense of peace and calmness.


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