Matthew McConaughey's brother, Michael "Rooster" McConaughey, has been awarded a year's supply of free beer for naming his son Miller Lyte.

Rooster, a self-made millionaire and star of the new reality show "West Texas Investors Club" is a huge beer fan and is often seen holding a Miller Lite on the show. He's such a big fan of the beer, that TMZ reports he named his son Miller Lyte in honor of the beer. Although his son is now 9 years old, Miller Lite just heard of McConaughey's tribute and sent him what they call a year's supply of beer.

The year's supply of beer contains 24 cases, which we have a feeling will only last Rooster a couple of months.

According to Eater, Miller Lyte has a sister with an interesting name as well. Rooster named his daughter Margarita Olympia. Dude likes to drink!

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