The following post contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home, a movie that has been seen by approximately every human being on Earth. Some more than once!

Marvel and Sony were so careful about Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers that we’re now almost three months removed from its release and we’re just starting to see some of the behind the scenes concept art that went into the movie’s coolest moments. For example, the movie ends with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker basically back at square one as a superhero. Everyone on Earth has forgotten who he is, and he’s used up all of his fancy Tony Stark tech he got in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home. 

So he makes himself a new, simpler Spider-Man costume on a regular old sewing machine — and this one looks exactly like the classic Spidey suit that’s been adored by fans since Amazing Fantasy #15 back in 1962. No extra black lines, no added tech, no fancy details, just pure Steve Ditko goodness. But because the scene is so brief and Spider-Man is swinging through New York in it, we never get a really clear shot of this new suit.

At last, the head of visual development for Marvel Studios, Ryan Meinerding, has shared his concept art for this “classic” Spider-Man costume on his Instagram account. Meinerding has designed most of the MCU Spidey suits, including the Homecoming costume, the Iron Spider from Avengers: Infinity War, and the “Upgraded Suit” from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Creating this one, Meinderding wrote, was “such an amazing honor”:

Will we ever get to see a full movie featuring Tom Holland in this costume? Who knows. But it’s still a lovely design. And if you’re interested in Meinerding’s work, check out our interview with him from back in 2019.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is still playing in theaters around the country.

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