Lil Uzi Vert's "Rich Forever" has made its way to the internet after a supposed Instagram hack.

On Sunday (April 8), a friend of Uzi's shared a post on his behalf explaining the rapper was taking a break from social media to work on "the best music in his and your life" and would be back "in a few weeks maybe."

Over the course of the ensuing days, however, an anonymous hacker has purportedly been uploading posts after finding the "Money Longer" breakout's login information in the bathroom of a "massage room/brothel."

"Dude like 20 people has to have Uzi Instagram," wrote the poster, who fans speculate might, in fact, just be Uzi trolling his followers. "I wanna @ myself so bad dude but I don’t want anybody to know I attend that type of activity."

The so-called hacker then threatened to leak music from Uzi on Thursday (April 12) after finding his SoundCloud information in his direct messages. "I’ve been going through his messages and he has some good songs in this thing it’s ashamed that his bosses won’t let him put any content out," they captioned a photo of Uzi. "Honestly I care nothing about the guy but I hate when people get took advantage of."

Hours later, "Rich Forever" appeared on SoundCloud, captioned simply with "hahahahahahahahhahahahaa!"

Listen to the track below.

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