This year you don't have to wait until October for a hauntingly good time.

According to NewsWest 9, Def Con Haunted Warehouse usually is only open in October to scare you good for Halloween, but this year the Def Con people figured they would take advantage of Friday the 13th here in the month of April.

Billy Pon is a filmmaker and also calls himself a "Hauntrepeneaur" and has been scaring people in his haunted warehouse in Odessa for over 20 years.

He decided to take advantage of the Friday the 13th theme for his haunted warehouse and add laser tag to the mix too.

"What I wanted to bring to life since I'm a filmmaker is put you in your own horror movie," said Pons. "It's like you're in your own live video game or horror movie and it gets your heart going. It's like a roller-coaster you walk through or run through."

For more information on the Def Con War Zone, you can check out the Def Con website.

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