Beyonce's Lemonade may not have been issued the recognition many Grammys viewers insisted it deserved, but Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt just gave the groundbreaking album top billing.

In a new teaser released today (February 13), Kimmy's lovable aspiring actor — the "Peeno Noir"-performing Titus — throws on a flowy gold gown and gives Bey's "Hold Up" the type of twist only show creator Tina Fey could conceive of. In the clip above, Titus gets his hands on a Louisville Slugger, knocks off the top of a neighborhood fire hydrant and charms the better part of the block.

Finally, Titus takes a bat to his boyfriend Mikey's truck as he croons "Michael, I'm not playing with your meatballs."

Titus Burgess, who plays Titus, told The Huffington Post in October that Kimmy Schmidt's next season will kick off at breakneck speed and give fans exactly what they want.

"It is fast and furious. Cliffhangers get answered right away," he said, noting there's also something to come that could rival the show's biggest viral hit. "There is the promise of something coming from my character that will be as delicious as ‘Peeno Noir,’ if not more satisfying."

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