Justin Bieber's dance steps set the stage on fire — sometimes, literally.

The Purpose singer, who's currently reigning as King of the Billboard charts, has proven over the years at his live shows that his skill as a performer transcends singing and strumming the guitar. Whether he's exacting light-as-air choreography, battling through breakdowns or slinking across the stage, Bieber has a habit of bringing audiences to their feet while testing the limits of his own. He is, indeed, one hell of a dancer.

"The kid is so competitive. Whatever he does he’s super good at, so you don’t stand a chance. It’s not even fair," Skrillex once told Billboard of Bieber, his co-collaborator. And, considering the evidence above, we'd say it's a fair assessment. Look back at some of Justin Bieber's very best dance breaks, tell us which is your favorite and if we missed the moment you remember most, share it in the comments.

Justin Bieber's Best Live Vocals:

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