Abby Lee Miller's final days on Dance Moms are nearly here, and already it's clear that her exit will be a complicated tango of drama and emotion.

In a new sneak peek obtained by PEOPLE, Miller's final days on Dance Moms is marred by bad blood, uncertainty and waterworks. When the dance instructor returns to say her final goodbyes, things explode.

"Why are you back? You don't want to work with the kids, they don't want to work with you," one disgruntled mother screams at Miller in the clip.

"It was like, five years of my life, and someone just s---s on me?" the Dance Moms OG responds, tears in her eyes. "I created livelihoods for so many children. It was all going to end someday."

Later in the clip, she claims she "regrets everything." Watch below:

Miller quit Dance Moms back in March, citing poor working conditions. The reality star, who was replaced by Cheryl Burke, has since been sentenced to a year in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud.

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