The State of Texas has granted an Odessa man's wish to change his last name to Trump.

According to the Midland-Reporter-Telegram, Odessa resident and You Tube entertainer Ernesto Baeza Acosta is now known legally as Ernesto Trump.

He describes himself on his Facebook page as the undeportable son of Trump.

The newest Trump says he decided to change his name "because it is more suitable for professional purposes."

Trump says he has been a supporter of President Trump since he announced his run for the presidency.

The tattooed faced Trump even invited the President for some father-son bonding stating, "maybe we would go to Wrigley Field, eat a hot dog, drink a pint of beer. You know, go to the movies. Maybe I can go see my step brothers and sister and stepmom, and you know, eat dinner at the White House."


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