Good guy Justin Bieber strikes again.

Video footage shows Bieber going out of his way to console an older woman who was involved in an alleged hit-and-run, according to a report from TMZ.

Bieber and his crew were exiting West Hollywood hot spot The Nice Guy last night (January 28), when they reportedly walked by a woman yelling in the street.

Bieber then tried to calm the woman down while his friends caught the attention of law enforcement. The woman claimed she fell, but eye witnesses told police she’d possibly been struck by a black SUV that quickly sped off, indicating an alleged hit-and-run. The woman did not seek medical attention, despite the fact that ambulances were called to the scene.

This display of kindness on Bieber's part comes just a few weeks after the "Children" singer was ejected from Tulum's Mayan archaeological site following a series of disrespectful behaviors, causing some fans to wonder whether Bieber had ever really tamed his bad boy ways at all.

Bieber's entire comeback shtick revolved heavily around the idea that he’d evolved enough as a human person that his past discrepancies -- particularly his many legal infractions -- could be chalked up to nothing more than a passing phase, a few (major) demonstrations of poor judgment. He’d moved on, he claimed, replaced all that teenage angst and acting out with newfound sincerity and gratitude. Look no further than his Jesus-heavy comeback album Purpose if you need solid proof of this.

But just as soon as the public opened their hearts and their ears to a newly wholesome Bieber, it happened: A few bursts of bratty behavior from the “What Do You Mean?” singer showed cracks in the facade. Was it too late now to say sorry?

Evidently, no: Check out the full video of Bieber helping the woman over on TMZ.

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