This young woman is definitely a cat person.

Meet Nano, a 20-year-old woman person feline, entity from Norway who claims she is a cat (insert Catwoman terrorizing Gotham City joke here: _______________)

Yes, she came to this startling conclusion when she was 16, but says, "I have been a cat all my life," citing a "genetic defect."

Sure, Nano's got cat ears and a tail, (both of which sure look like they came from a costume shop), but she possesses other cat traits: she has heightened senses, a tendency to hiss at dogs, an ability to walk on all fours and meow and a desire "to sleep in the sink and in the windowsill" (that last one could actually be a sign she's an alcoholic, but who are we to argue?). We'd love to see how she reacts to snow.

However, there are plenty of things about her that scream "human," such as the face piercings (animal cruelty!), a tattoo on her wrist (more animal cruelty!) and the fact she's never caught a mouse. Until she catches a mouse, she can't be considered a cat, kind of like a freshman can't be considered a brother at with the Alpha Beta frat until he's chugged a beer.

Then, there's her friend Svein, who claims he can chat with her in cat language. And by "cat language," they merely say "meow" to each other because, as even someone who isn't well-versed in the feline universe can tell you, that's pretty much the only non-hissing word in their vocabulary.

Yes, Nano may not be a cat, but she could very well be a crazy cat lady.

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