Happiness truly begins at a Jonas Brothers concert — not just for the fans, but for the three brothers themselves.

Nearly a decade after their very public breakup, on December 3 Kevin, Joe and Nick descended upon the stage of the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL to a roar of screeches from the audience. Fans began cheering once they saw the silhouettes of the band members and heard the chorus of the group's latest hit, "Rollercoaster."

The sold-out arena was filled to the brim with fans. Seeing some of the same fans who were present during their earlier days as teenagers, now drinking alcohol and grown-up, some even with their own children, was heartwarming for the JoBros and fans alike.

“My brothers and I sat in a room and said, ‘If we reunite, do you think anyone will care?'” Kevin recounted to the crowd. After the past year the band has had — with a Grammy nomination and No. 1 hit under their belt — Kevin agreed that people did in fact care. The band took numerous moments during the evening to repeatedly thank their fans and the parents who drove them to their concerts back in the day.

The band seamlessly included their new material from their fifth studio album, Happiness Begins, along with their older material that the fans grew up with. The show certainly tried to cover every base with an impressive two-hour long set. Instead of the typical stage setp, the trio went back and forth between a b-stage set up on the back of the floor section, which rose to give fans who were in the nosebleed seats a chance to see the brothers up close.

Since their last tour before breaking up in 2013, a lot has changed for the brothers. They're now all happily married and have had successful solo ventures, with Nick and Joe pursuing solo careers before Joe formed DNCE while Kevin focused on developing apps and growing his family. The interludes that played on the screens in between water breaks and costume changes paid homage to the brothers' pasts as well as their current personal lives.

At one point, snow filled the arena while the brothers donned Santa hats for the performance of their original holiday track, "Like It's Christmas." Pyrotechnics filled the show with "pow" moments. Confetti rained on the crowd while blowup characters danced during their cover of DNCE's "Cake By The Ocean."

Along with their record-breaking music careers as a band and as solo artists, the trio still paid homage to their Camp Rock days by performing snippets of "Play My Music" and "Gotta Find You."  At one point during the show, the band put on an incredible mashup of some of their fan-favorite b-sides from their first four albums. Even with some of the tracks being lesser-known songs, the entire arena still managed to scream along to every single lyric.

At the end of the night, the group closed their concert with three of their biggest hits: "S.O.S.," "Burnin' Up" and "Sucker." (Joe's wife, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, was in the audience and fans lost their minds at the sight of Mrs. Jonas. During the closing song, "Sucker," Turner walked up toward the stage and proceeded to do a secret handshake with her husband while he was still singing.) Afterwards, fans seemed to leave the arena even happier than they arrived.

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