If you ask for my opinion, Texas has probably the most beautiful women you’ll ever meet. You know what? Let me rephrase that: the South has some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen in your life.

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In the South, the women no only give you Southern hospitality, but we are curvy, adventurous, and just flat-out gorgeous.

We all know the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but according to Only In Your State, you can narrow down to five cities that have the most attractive people here in the Lone Star State. Let's take a look and see if we agree.

Natural beauty of multi ethnic women
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We have to start off with the city of Galveston. A lot of people do not know that the first Miss Universe pageant was actually held in Galveston, Texas. It was said because they lived near the coast in Galveston, women from the island were softer and more beautiful than their mainland sisters.

The 2017 Miss Universe Pageant
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Dallas Texas takes the second spot and for good reason. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowgirl cheerleader. They are some of the most beautiful women you'll ever see.

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys
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Austin is where everything is about keeping it weird, but also keeps some of the freshest and new faces in Texas. Given the huge influx of people there in recent decades, it's no surprise that there are many fresh faces.

Austin Texas waterfront view
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I don’t think anybody loves Houston more than I do. When I lived in Houston, I saw some of the most beautiful women and entrepreneurs. The fact that it’s the fourth largest city in the entire country gives us a lot of room for different nationalities and gorgeous people to live there. Also, the queen of entertainment - Beyonce -  is from Houston. Do I really need to say more?


2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room
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Last, but not least is El Paso Texas. People from El Paso have that really nice dessert and artistic feel about them. If you’ve never been to El Paso, check out their beautiful art and their beautiful people.

El Paso, Texas, USA Downtown Skyline
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Once again, this is all just opinions from spectators. The reality of it is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and true beauty comes from within. A great personality, a sense of humor, and confidence can make you the most attractive person not just in Texas but in the entire world, so keep that in mind.


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