I have to tell you, this has got to be the best truck accessory ever devised for a gasoline powered truck, apart from those rubber bull testicles!

For the truck owner who has everything...except pride or a sense of self-worth, there is a brand new invention to make everyone think you have turbocharged your truck! In this YouTube video posted by hoohoohoblin, you can see how easy this little ditty is to install on your truck!

It's called a 'turbo-whistle' that the fella describes as having the ability to:

'...make it sound like you have and insane amount of horsepower by just bolting on a $5 whistle to your exhaust pipe...and the ladies love it!'

Get one today...along with a heaping helping of self-confidence! Oh and don't forget to get a pair of those rubber bull testicles to complete the effect!