We threw the news out there recently that Kevin Hart was coming to El Paso and the 432 was excited to hear the news! Well now that so many pandemic restrictions have been lifted, Hart announced that he's back and headed on his Reality Check Tour for 2022. Which is honestly surprising because these days the man could not be more busy. 


  • Friday August 5th Houston, TX
  • Sunday August 7th Austin, TX
  • Friday August 12th Dallas, TX
  • Saturday August 13th San Antonio, TX

If you have not seen a Kevin Hart comedy special have you even lived? lol Dude is hilarious!

Kevin has countless comedy specials and I have pretty much seen every single one of them. Most on Netflix. I guess you could call me a Kevin Hart fan, I even watched Real Husbands of Hollywood on BET,  which was just announced is coming back for a new season after a 5 year break.

Kevin is touring across the US for 2022 and pre-sale begins this Wednesday February 16th. You can get tickets through KEVINHARTNATION.COM.

Here is your chance to see funny man, currently the highest paid comedian, Kevin Hart in 2022!

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