Keeping your family safe is a priority for all of us, so here are the top 5 safest neighborhoods in Midland and Odessa.

5 Safest Neighborhoods in Midland:

  1. West Wadley Ave. & North Midkiff Rd. - This is the neighborhood square bordered by Midkiff on the east, Wadley on the south, Midland Dr. on the west, and Loop 250 on the north.
  2. State Hwy 158 & West County Road 60 - This is a big area of north and west Midland County from all points north of Hwy 158 to the Midland/Martin County line and east to Hwy 349.
  3. North Garfield & Neely Ave. - This is the neighborhood bordered on the south by Golf Course, on the east by Garfield, on the North by Wadley, and on the west by Midkiff. It includes the central part of Neely through the middle of this neighborhood and the Midland Christian School area.
  4. North Midland Dr. & Cardinal Ln. - This is the neighborhood bordered on the south by Loop 250, on the west by Holiday Hill, on the north by Greentree Blvd., and on the east by Midland Dr. with Cardinal Ln going right through the middle.
  5. Greenwood & Spraberry - this is the east and south part of Midland County including the communities of Greenwood and Spraberry bordered by Hwy 349 on the west, Interstate 20 and the Midland/Martin County line to the north, and the Midland/Glasscock County line to the east, and the Midland/Upton County line to the south.

5 Safest Neighborhoods in Odessa:

  1. Andrews Hwy. & E. Hillmont Rd. - this is the neighborhood bordered by Loop 338 on the north and east side, Yukon to the south, and Andrews Hwy to the west. Includes Hillmont Rd. through the middle Ratliff Ranch Golf Links and Schlemeyer Field Airpark.
  2. Gardendale - this covers a huge area around Gardendale and even to the south of Odessa including the eastern part of the community of Pleasant Farms.
  3. Rocky Lane Rd. & Deering Dr. - This includes the neighborhood bordered by Eastridge to the north, Stoney Ridge and Newell Rd. to the east, Business Loop 20 (Hwy 80) to the south, and Loop 338 to the west. Includes LBJ Elementary School.
  4. UTPB & E. 42nd St. - This covers the neighborhood bordered by 42nd St. to the north, Loop 338 to the east, University Blvd. to the south, and Grandview to the west. Includes UTPB and Nimitz Middle School.
  5. W. 16th St. & San Fernando Dr. - This is the neighborhood bordered by University on the north, West County Rd. to the east, 16th St. to the south, and West Loop 338 to the west. Includes Pease Elementary and Westgate Plaza.

All of this data is provided by Neighborhood



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