It's one thing to have an exotic pet, but it's completely different to steal an alligator from a zoo and raise it as a pet. That's exactly what one Texas woman did. Well, that gator, now 7 feet long, is finally going back home after two decades when it was removed from the woman's home.

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Fox 7 in Austin reported that a Texas Game Warden, and two zoo staff removed the gator in Buda, where a Texas woman kept it as a pet for over two decades. The removal was caught on camera and posted by Everglades on Twitter.

As you can see, the three struggled with the 7-foot beast but were able to safely get it loaded and moved back to Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo.

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According to the report, the woman allegedly stole the gator 20 years ago when she volunteered at the zoo. She either snatched the egg or a hatchling, put it in her pocket and then proceeded to raise this beast for 20 years.

I have questions.

  • How did she get away with raising an alligator in her backyard for two decades and not one person say something?
  • Why in the world would anyone want to make one of man's most feared water monsters a pet?
  • What in the world did she feed this gator? She had to have had one heck of a pet bill.
  • Did she ever attempt to take it to the vet?
  • Was the pet spayed?

No word on whether the zoo will allow the woman to visit her pet gator and why would they.

It's worth noting that, according to the Game Warden, it is illegal to "take, sell, purchase or possess an alligator, alligator egg, or any part of an alligator without a permit."

Wait, so if you have a permit, you can own a gator? That's actually kinda cool. I still wouldn't own one, that's for sure.

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