In a total power move, Heineken has demonstrated what marketing in a tense political climate should be. Take note, Pepsi and Kendall Jenner.

In the "'Worlds Apart’ An Experiment" video below -- deemed the "antidote ad" to the Pepsi Fiasco of 2017 by Fast Company -- six strangers with opposing viewpoints on social issues are made to work together before they are given insight as to where anyone stands on such matters. Paired into three groups of two, the participants put together pieces of what become stools and a bar. Once the furniture is assembled, a video reveals which people are pro or anti feminism, climate change deniers or environmentalists, and LGBQT friendly or not.

Now aware that their partner holds views in direct opposition to their own, each participant is given a choice as to whether to stay and further discuss the controversial topics while having a beer (hey, Heineken!), or leave. Every single person out of the six ends up remaining.

Of course, what Heineken is calling its #OpenYourWorld campaign is not going to solve any social or political issues with this ad. However, it doesn't sweep vital talking points under the rug in an effort to unite the world with some sugar and bubbles. Is it a true antidote to ignorance? No. But it does make a small step forward by exploring the premise that people of all walks of life can engage in dialogue without hate having a place at the table -- or, you know, the bar.

Scroll on for the "Worlds Apart" ad, along with some fun Pepsi commercial spoofs.

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