Amarillo has a vibrant history.   In fact, it is said that many buildings throughout the city are haunted, including the Rio Petroleum Building.

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One of those buildings just happens to be located at 2801 SW 15th.  Rio Petroleum currently occupies the building.  However, in the past, it was a restaurant called Rhett Butler's Steakhouse and a home before the restaurant.

Many speak of how fancy the restaurant was, it had a bar upstairs and a grand staircase.  It was the perfect place for a date night or prom date.

Before it was Rhett Butler's it was a home. The home was owned by Mrs. Anderson and her sister.  The estate extended from 15th street north to Wolflin, west to Western, and Georgia to the east.  A barn sat in the middle of the property and had a track around the property.  They raised Trotters (horses) on the land.

Many say the area and the land are haunted.   

Rumor has it that tunnels once ran under the property.

One story is one of the employees when the building was Rhett Butler's an employee was supposed to be closing up and was in the basement something happened that scared her so bad she ran out of the building, didn't even lock up, and never went back.

Another story is a tail of a hairdresser who once worked in a salon,  in the north part of Wellington Square.  This is the area that was once where the carriage house used to stand.  A lot of activity took place in the beauty shop, weird noises, things would move around.

A receptionist once shared that there was paranormal activity at the current Rio Petroleum.

Another rumor that is floating around is that anytime a dog was found on the Anderson property it was shot.   Hmmm, we're they not dog lovers?  It's possible that the dogs attacked their prized horses.

It is highly possible that the  Anderston Sisters are haunting their former properties.

The area has also been checked out by ghost hunters and they have found paranormal activity.  However, the current owners will not allow any ghost hunting on the property.

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