Damn you TikTok!

So I don't spend a lot of time on TikTok, but the things I enjoy on their is the way people clean/organize their house. I have a bit of OCD, so I do enjoy seeing ways people get things done. One thing that I seem to never be able to clean is my garbage disposal.

You could literally pour a full gallon of soap in there with boiling hot water while it is spinning and it will still look disgusting in there. So not too long ago, I tried out the TikTok above. Put some soap and a bunch of ice in the sink hole your garbage disposal is. Seems simple enough, while the blades break down the ice it 'cleans them and sharpens them'. Seems like an easy thing to do to get that damn thing cleaned.

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Problem...it broke my garbage disposal. I swear to God I did this ONE TIME and it fried it. In the middle of it attempting to break the ice it just died. I thought I tripped the circuit breaker or something. Nope disposal is dead it will not kick back on. I even have hit the reset button that is on the bottom of the disposal. Nope, not coming back on.

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So if you believe everything you see on the internet. Be careful trying out those cleaning tips. I can't believe I am out a garbage disposal all because of something I saw on TikTok. Maybe I have the strongest ice in Wichita Falls? Yeah, that's it.

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