When the Lord's day and game day fall on the same day, you have to wear your lucky jersey.

I know living here in the Bible belt I am going to get some flack for this, but I would always do the Saturday afternoon mass service so I could have my Dallas Cowboys Sundays free. Some folks believe I will be going to hell for not honoring the Sabbath, but that's just what I did.

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I have a feeling though, me and this priest would have gotten along if I was in his congregation. A twitter user by the name of Christian Herrera snapped this pic below of his priest the other day.

My man is clearly rocking the white Dez Bryant jersey under his robes. I remember the old phrase with Texas Stadium was the hole was in the roof so God could watch his favorite team. The post has since started to pick up more traction online since Dez Bryant himself has now seen it.

So who is this guy? I decided to get my F.B.I. hat on and do some digging this morning. I saw some folks saying this was a Father Mena, unfortunately many of these folks have private accounts, so tough to see where they are. Except one.

She is out of El Paso. Do some digging for a Father Mena in El Paso and I find this video.

Father Mena talking about the Diocese of El Paso. The person in the photo is clearly bald (no offense man, I'm losing some on top as well). I think I found him! Hopefully someone in El Paso can clear this up for me cause I need to know.

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