The message has been out there for several decades, don't do drugs. That short moment of bliss is just not worth it. For some, that moment of bliss can turn into a crime they have no idea they are committing. Having said that, it does not excuse what the person has done. I'm not saying that this Abilene, Texas woman was on drugs but what she did sure makes you think that she was.

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Let Me Set the Scene for You

Imagine you're dead asleep. All of sudden at around 4 a.m. your doorbell starts going crazy. You wake up and start fumbling around to figure out what is going on. For those that keep a firearm close by, once you're a little more awake, you probably grab that just in case. You approach the front door and take a peek outside. There stands a woman asking "trick or treat." She's not in a Halloween costume, though. You tell her you don't have any candy and shut the door. Then the woman starts cussing at you on your front porch. You call the police and the woman is arrested.

It's Not Exactly How it Happened but it Did Happen in Abilene

Her name is Rebecca Garcia and she was arrested Thursday night, September 29. Abilene Police got several calls around 4:15 that morning that she was ringing their doorbell and asking for Halloween candy. She was also cussing at the people she was visiting. Once police had Garcia in custody, she couldn't tell officers where she was and was incoherent with her other answers. She was charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace and is still in the Taylor County Jail on a $365 bond.

Rebecca Garcia - Taylor County Jail
Rebecca Garcia - Taylor County Jail

Don't Do Drugs

Details on this story are limited so we can only assume what the issue was with Miss or Mrs. Garcia. But I think a safe assumption would be that she was under some kind of impairment.

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